One person limited liability company LLC

One person limited liability company – LLC

A limited liability company (LLC) is a trading company in which one person (domestic or foreign) founds the company with a minimum capital of the company of 5000 euros. The establishment is carried out with a statement on the establishment of the company

  • LLC can be founded by one person.
  • With an initial deposit of 5,000 euros. Wherein the founder can choose to establish the company with a monetary contribution or to establish it with a non-monetary contribution in the form of equipment, office equipment for work, facilities, means of transport, etc.
  • The founder can choose to establish the company without entering the founding deposit, thus assuming the obligation to enter it into the company within 1 year from the day of establishment. The establishment without entering the stake does not affect the operation of the company.
  • As a one-person limited liability company, it is only liable with the company’s assets.
Required data and documentation for registration of limited liability company
  • limited liability company in Macedonia (LLC) is the most common business structure for both local and foreign investors because of the simple registration, the tax advantages, and the fast start of activities. One personor a company  can open LLCs in Macedonia with a minimum share capital of EUR 5,000 or about MKD 308,000. The Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association stand at the base of an LLC incorporation in North Macedonia.These documents must comprise information about:
    • Company name: Name of the company
    • Activity: Main activity/core business (for example Trade with….)
    • Address: The headquarters of the company in Macedonia
    • Bank: Name of the bank in which the company will have a bank account
    • Owner’s info: The name of the owners.
      • For a physical person: name, surname, address of living, Copy of passport and ID card.
      • For a legal entity: Current Status of the company issued by Trade register at their native country (Act of establishing on the company of the owner) not older than 3 months
    • Authorized representative: Manager, Copy of the passport and ID card
    • Initial capital: (minimum 5.000 euro)
    • Owner’s liabilities: The information about the owner’s liabilities and how the profits are distributed, following the shares.
Required data and documentation for registration of limited liability company
  • Тhe company’s name and headquarters;
  • the activity of the company’s operations. One activity is selected from a codebook of activities. If the company operates in external sales from the state, it must be registered for external sales.
  • first and last name, personal number, passport number, i.e. ID card number if the partner is a foreign natural person or on another identity document valid in his country and his citizenship, as well as the place of residence, i.e. the company, headquarters, company registration number, if the founder is a legal entity;
  • The amount and type of the founding capital
  • the duration of the company if it is determined by the contract for the company or by the declaration of establishment of the company (definite or indefinite
  • the name and surname of the manager, of the members of the supervisory board, i.e. of the controller, if the company has a supervisory authority, personal number, occupation, passport number, i.e. the number of the identity card for a foreign natural person or of another valid identity document in his country and his nationality, as well as his place of residence;
    The authorization to represent the company. Limited authorization or unlimited
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