Compensation for damage from an uninsured or unknown vehicle

Compensation for damage from an uninsured or unknown vehicle

Many people have faced the damage caused by a vehicle that does not have insurance or by an unknown vehicle in North Macedonia. Most of them do not know that such damage is compensated by a guarantee fund at the National Insurance Bureau.

What is a guarantee fund?

Insurance companies that carry out mandatory insurance work are obliged to deposit funds into the Guarantee Fund, which serves for the payment of damages. The guarantee fund was established by the National Insurance Bureau and serves for

  1. damages caused on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia by unknown and uninsured motor vehicles and trailers, uninsured boats and motor-powered ships, as well as uninsured aircraft;
  2. damages incurred on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia by means of transport registered for the transport of passengers in public traffic for which the owners have not concluded an agreement for the insurance of passengers from the consequences of an accident-accident;
  3. damages from compulsory insurance that the injured parties cannot recover due to the termination of the insurance company with which the insurance contract was concluded, whereby only that part of the damage that was not compensated by the bankruptcy estate of the insurance company is paid and
  4. damages from insured motor vehicles originating from the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia, which are guaranteed by the National Insurance Bureau in accordance with the Crete Agreement and other international agreements.

What you need to do and what is reimbursed

When damage occurs to your vehicle caused by an unknown or uninsured vehicle, you should first

  1. Be sure to call the police (YOU SHOULD NOT PAY FOR THE INSPECTION, even though they know how to say so)
  2. Make an assessment of the damage caused
  3. Submit a claim to your insurance company or the National Insurance Bureau


The deadline for filing a lawsuit is three months from the day of filing the claim if the damage has not been paid


It is specific that in the case of an unknown vehicle, only non-material damage is paid.



When you have damage from an uninsured vehicle or your vehicle was damaged in a parking lot by an unknown vehicle, it is good to know that such damage can be compensated by the Guarantee Fund.

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