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Company formation in Macedonia


Starting a bussines in Macedonia is very simple and fast, finishing the procedure in few days. There are few types of company’s that you can register here from which 2 are most common.

It’s Limited liability company ( called DOOEL – founded from 1 entity ) and DOO founded by more than 1 entity. Founder can be a person or a company.
To register a company here you need a founding deposit od minimum 5000 euros. This deposit can be money or in things like machines, computers, desks, tools and etc.

  • Founding deposit (min 5.000 euro)
  • Name of the company
  • Main activity
  • Headquarter of the company in North Macedonia
  • Name of the bank in which the company will have bank account
  • Name of the founder/s of the company. For physical person: name, surname, address of living, Copy of passport For legal entity: Current Status of the company issued by Trade register at their native country
  • Authorized representative  Copy of the passport and ID card

There is a option also to register a company without founding deposit at the moment of registration but the founder is obligated to invest the founding deposit of 5000 euros in the company in one year same as mentiod above.

After registering a company you have to

  1. Verify your signature at Notary office
  2. Purchase stamps
  3. Activate the reserved bank account

That’s it and you can start

What we sugest

  1. Find a lawyer for your company
  2. Find a accounting company

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